Greg Mayo

Greg Mayo

Engineering major, Computer Science minor senior graduating fall 2018 from Northern Virginia. I chose to study engineering because I love solving problems that do not have black and white answers, understanding the root causes of problems, and leveraging my intelligence for a positive outcome in my community. I am an avid athlete and coach who spends most of my free time at the gym power lifting, playing basketball, or in the pool playing water polo.

Current Points: 35 (D-)

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Attendee2018-01-08 10:3822
Syllabizer2018-01-18 07:2724
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Profiler2018-01-29 03:4528
Attendee2018-01-29 10:32210
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Attendee2018-02-12 10:33214
Attendee2018-02-19 10:32216
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Unfashionably Late2018-03-26 10:40121
Attendee2018-04-02 09:48223
Attendee2018-04-16 09:34225

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