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We think it’s kinda dumb that we have to make an assignment out of this.  For most people, it’s really not a problem, but every semester we get a few people who don’t read the syllabus, and then complain that we didn’t provide them with one. Either that or they fail to read the syllabus carefully and complain later that they didn’t know something they really should have.

How To Earn This

  1. Read the entire Syllabus.
  2. If there are links to articles or outside resources, click on the links and at least skim the attached articles.
  3. When you are done, come back to this page and click the “Submit” button at the very bottom.
  4. You will receive the badge automatically, so you are on your honor that you won’t click the “Submit” button until you’ve actually completed the assignment. We will consider it a violation of the honor code if you click submit without having actually done the assignment fully.

P.S. If you’re wondering why the badge has a mushroom on it, it comes from the phrase “mushroom management,” i.e. keep ’em in the dark, and feed them lots of sh*t! It’s how we feel about having to make this into an assignment. 😉

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